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Symphony Orchestra of the Gran Teatro de La Habana

Giovanni Duarte and an orchestra capable of everything

To be part of the Symphony Orchestra of the Gran Teatro de La Habana (GTH) is a huge responsibility. To provide the oldest active theatrical institution in Latin America with an annual program of balle
La Paz

La Paz, a city of heaven

La Paz, a city of heaven: this is what the posters that promote the Bolivian capital as a destination read. That is what the stamps say with colors and the same typography, which reminds us throughout
Eusebio Leal

Eusebio Leal: The Unerasable Traces

Nearly 30 years have gone  by since I met Eusebio Leal, right there in his Old Havana at the Palace of the Captains General. I was accompanied by 40 Spanish advertisers who had come to visit Cuba: his

Asturias, beloved homeland

“Asturias, Patria querida” is the official anthem of the Principality of Asturias, in Spain. It is a popular song that was so rooted among the Asturians that it was finally chosen as an anthem. But few
Tomás Vicente Lara Franquis

Tomás Lara: art is a vital necessity

For almost four decades, his life has been confined to art. He not only thinks and lives as an artist, but also watches over his colleagues as the president of the Advisory Council for the Development

Let the “parrandas” go on

In a meeting attended by Gladys Collazo, president of the National Council of Cultural Heritage and Yaima Esquivel, Cuba´s permanent representative in UNESCO, the parrandas have been declared Inmateria
The "Trilemma" of art

The "Trilemma" of art

To exist as a free entity issued by the aesthetic conscience, without depending on conditions outside personality that deform or mediate it; to be born marked by a faith that is distant from its essent

A Warp Temple

Dressed in the finery of tradition with this new naming, Trinidad is registered as the fifth city in Latin America to deserve the title of Ciudad Artesanal del Mundo, preceded by three in Chile and one
Under the sea…not everything is blue

Urgent messages from the water painter

So when I arrived at the opening of “Bajo el todo es azul” (Under the sea…not everything is blue) on the afternoon of June 5, I had already enjoyed certain charms of his new plastic work. But
Leo Brouwer

He is happy because he has thought about what is beautiful and felt what is great

Today I want to write about the friend I learned to respect and admire since I was a teenager. He is an authentic patriarch of our culture who is turning nothing less than the venerable age of eighty.