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Benny Moré

Benny Moré: a symbol of Cuban music

Benny Moré is a symbol of Cuban music. He represents the guajira (Cuban countryside music genre), the guateque, the “descarga,” the music of African traditions, the bohemian trova, the bars, cafes, cab
Ford Thunderbird, 1955

Roll with Art. Thunderbird, the Ford that captivated Hollywood

The Thunderbird was the response of Ford Motors Company to the Chevrolet Corvette, a subsidiary of General Motors Company (GMC), both launched in the golden age of the American auto industry: the 50s o
La Colmenita

Congratulations to La Colmenita in its 30 years!

It is not risky to say that there is no Cuban who does not know La Colmenita, this group of theater made by and for children who turns 30 years old founded by Carlos Alberto Cremata and which also know
Álvaro Castillo Granado

A bookseller, Álvaro Castillo Granada

Álvaro Castillo Granado (Bucaramanga, Colombia, 1969) arrives at a bookstore, especially if it deals with old or used books, and after a glance, his hands will settle, almost intuitively, as if they ha
Alexis Triana

Reach the fifty

«We always dream of a printed cultural magazine that was a home lamp and joy of many ...», I wrote for our tenth anniversary, almost a year ago. We already think of the magazine Arte por Excelencias nu
Artwork López Oliva

Theatrical outside the theater

For someone who during childhood had a theater as a complementary area of ​​home life - especially when it was a house where persons worked on advertising and scenographic painting - he comes to feel t
The egg or the chicken?

The egg or the chicken?

For the cover photo, my choice was the precise and beautiful photo of Juan Carlos Borjas, one of the three winners of the first prize of the «Alimentos de ida y vuelta» Photo Contest, at the Internatio
Art Madrid

Opposition and harmony

Over the last few years, we have been witness to a generational change among collectors. We often identify this transition with the impact that the economic crisis had over our art market. But the evol
Revelation of José Antonio Aponte

Revelation of José Antonio Aponte

On April 9, 1812, the severed heads of five black-skinned men were displayed in cages in various areas of the capital city of the Spanish colony on the island of Cuba.  At the most prominent crossroads
Jazz plaza 2010

Fortunate concomitances

Spontaneity and improvisation are values embraced by both jazz and the expressionist aspects of visual arts. The Jazz men "are irreducible musicians to all mediation, be that of any musical aesthetic,