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Nicolás Guillén

Havana misses you so, Nicolás!

Nicolás Guillén returns to visit the Alameda de Paula in the old part of the City. When it is thirty years after the “physical departure” of Cuba´s National Poet, artist Enrique Angulo wanted to erect

Fernando Botero: From the mandolin to the "boterismo"

Although it seems unprecedented, it is the first time that the work of Colombian painter, sculptor and draftsman Fernando Botero (Medellín, 1932) is presented in Barcelona, specifically in the Marlboro

Portraits in a world of portraits

The restlessness that Alejandro Lescay has expressed in his canvases concerns us all. I have recognized it with frank conviction when I read the verses of the poem and looked at the pictures at the sam
The Wax Museum

The Wax Museum, the triumph of art

It is one of the cultural institutions of Bayamo, in the Granma province, which offers the greatest pride to those born in our region, the only one of its kind in the country. The Wax Museum is an ins
Electa Arenal, detalle de autorretrato 

Electa Arenal: A Mexican woman in Cuba

The history of Holguin`s art takes on relevant nuances in the decades after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. Throughout that period, the name of Electa Arenal Huerta stands out: for some, she was j
“El Cabildo”

“El Cabildo”, a space open to culture

The cultural wealth of Paraguay is the product of outstanding sculptors, painters and writers who, with their experiences, have expressed in their works the history of a country. Outstanding poets such

Enriqueta, centuries apart

Last 2019 it was two hundred years since the arrival in Cuba of Enriqueta Faves and one hundred since the suicide of the excellent poet María Luisa Enriqueta del Carmen Milanés (Liana de Lux). It is an
Oswaldo Guayasamín

Guayasamin`s expressionism still chronicles the peoples

One hundred years after the birth of Ecuadorian Oswaldo Guayasamín, the work of the so-called Iberian-American painter still draws attention to what we should change, because it portrays hunger, misery
Ambigú Bayamés

Ambigú Bayamés: for a creative city

Bayamo is an ingenious city, rich in inventive tradition and a pioneer in various aspects of cultural life. It was the Bayamo people the first to set up shipyards, have dance professors, play chess in
Landscapes not to color

Collective scene and complaint

In the last semester, Chile has been permanent news due to the massive social protests that the people have called against neoliberal government measures and unfortunately also due to the repressive re