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The Wax Museum, the triumph of art

The Wax Museum, the triumph of art

It is one of the cultural institutions of Bayamo, in the Granma province, which offers the greatest pride to those born in our region, the only one of its kind in the country.

The Wax Museum is an institution where, in the art of wax, a new and wonderful world has been created based on the modeling of human figures and animals. Inside, the experience of admiring personalities of talented performance is simply sensational and admirable.

I remember when it was founded. It emerged as everything else: from simplicity and a few men´s dream. A family of empirical creators, out of their admiration for the singer Polo Montañés, elaborated his figure in wax, and with this motivation a space was created where not only they showed human figures, but also of animals, in an artistic construction that was, at the same time, the imitation of the natural environment.

The Barrios family has done what they wanted to do to turn the visual memory of talented men into lasting art, after their death.

The institution is the most visited in the cultural world of Granma province and the one that provides the most revenues in our sector. Undoubtedly, it is such a unique place that it is unspeakable. It is unique. Worthy of being showed as an instance of human greatness, not only in the realization of dreams and artistic talent, but also because of that work team that, with a different sensibility, has filled it with love through a cultural program that has endowed the institution with a unique dimension.

It's mine, yours, and ours: the Wax Museum of Bayamo, the only one of its kind in Cuba, belongs to all lovers of art and the triumph of talent and dedication over leisure and laziness. There it is, in the fourth section of the Paseo Bayamés, with its magnificence of a unique cultural institution. It almost seems to have been rescued from the great imperial antiquity of humanity to be shown in our contemporaneity as an unspeakable triumph, in one of the secluded places of eastern Cuba.

Dirección Provincial de Cultura de Granma
Calle José Antonio Saco No.13 altos, entre Máximo Gómez y Carlos Manuel de Céspedes. Reparto San Juan el Cristo, Bayamo, Granma, Cuba. CP: 85 100
Telf.: (+53)23 42 3465 / 42 6289
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