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The Japanese artist and calligrapher Hamano Ryuho exhibits in Havana

The Japanese artist and calligrapher Hamano Ryuho exhibits in Havana

One hundred small columns of white paper with painted synograms should circumvent those who, until March 29, visit the Alejo Carpentier Hall of the Great Theater of Havana Alicia Alonso the exhibition
Nathaniel Mary Quinn: Soil, Seed, and Rain

Nathaniel Mary Quinn: Soil, Seed, and Rain

"Love, when you think about it, feels very large, very abstract, but in that abstraction lives a very specific feeling. When you try to describe it with words, you lose that specificity, but with my wo
Portrait of Pérez Galdós de Sorolla

Madrid declares 2020 as “Galdós Year”

Throughout 2020, the Community of Madrid will commemorate the centenary of the death of Benito Pérez Galdós (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1843-Madrid, 1920). And under the artistic direction of Juan Car
Alexis Triana, editor of Arte por Excelencias and Pablo Emilio Álvarez, Commercial of Excelencias.

Arte por Excelencias in Bayamo soil

The magazine Arte por Excelencias number 49 was presented at noon on Wednesday February 19 at the Ventana Sur Cultural Center, in the presence of writers, cultural promoters and artists of the capital
Variations - Eugène Frey's Light Sets presented by João Maria Gusmão

Variations - Eugène Frey's Light Sets presented by João Maria Gusmão

The exhibition brings together for the first time 300 works on paper and over 100 glass plates by Eugène Frey (1864–1942) who invented the 'Light Sets' stage design technique – a complex system of ligh
Dora García: Love with Obstacles

Dora García: Love with Obstacles

For her first solo exhibition in the United States, Spanish artist Dora García (b. Valladolid, 1965) focuses on her work of the recent years to open new platforms of analysis, reflection and visibility
The 2019 Excelencias Cuba Awards gala was a waste of talent on stage

A night to celebrate excellence

After nine o'clock at night, the curtain of the Covarrubias room of the National Theater opens and a group looks imposing on the stage. It is Ethiel Faílde and his orchestra, faithful defenders of Dani
Excelencias Group Presents the 2019 Excelencias Cuba Awards

When art reaches excellence

Only a few hours ago, in the Sala Avellaneda of the National Theater, the Excelencias Awards Cuba 2019 ceremony was concluded, which on this occasion were nuanced by the presentation of the Havana 500
René Peña's work

The quadrature of the circle: a decade of creativity in Factoría Habana

As insoluble for the mathematicians of ancient Greece as the duplication of the cube or the trisection of the angle, the quadrature of the circle has transcended to this day as a symbol of a perpetual
(From right to left) Isel Pérez, Alexis Triana, Álvaro Castillo and Erián Peña

Arte por Excelencias between books and booksellers

The number 49 of the magazine Arte por Excelencias was presented at the stand of serial publications of the Morro-Cabaña complex as part of the 29th Havana International Book Fair, which this year pays