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Anagrams, Omar Barquet

Anagrams is the fourth solo exhibition by the artist at Arróniz Gallery. It is conceived as one of the last phases of his interdisciplinary Ghost Variations project (2012 - 2010). INSTALLATION VIDEO
"Summer Gathering"

GR Gallery. "Summer Gathering"

GR Gallery is  delivering a special treat for this summer with a multifaceted group show that will satisfy all art lovers appetites. "Summer Gathering" is bringing together 14 visionary artists to disp
Anne Wilson: If We Asked about the Sky

Anne Wilson: If We Asked about the Sky

Rhona Hoffman is honored to present "If We Asked about the Sky", the gallery's fifth solo exhibition with Chicago-based artist Anne Wilson. Oscillating between the macro- and microcosmic, Wilson's new
Virtual Exhibition Opening

Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum. Virtual Exhibition Opening

Join us for a virtual opening reception for the upcoming exhibition The Inside World: Contemporary Aboriginal Australian Memorial Poles from the Debra and Dennis Scholl Collection. This exhibition pres
Chris Garofalo: falling up

Chris Garofalo: falling up

Rhona Hoffman Gallery is delighted to present our seventh solo exhibition with Chicago-based artist Chris Garofalo. For the past three decades, Garofalo has developed her signature form of ceramic scul
Eder Santos & Mariana Rondón

LIVE #Crossroads. Eder Santos & Mariana Rondón

Luciana Brito Galeria presents #Crossroads, a program of Lives that brings together a duo of visual artists for informal conversations, created and curated by Alexia Tala. 
Rifkin's Festival

The world premiere of ‘Rifkin’s Festival’, Woody Allen’s new film, will open the 68th edition of the San Sebastian Festival

The world premiere of Woody Allen's latest movie, Rifkin's Festival, will open, out of competition, the 68th edition of the San Sebastian Festival on September 18 in the Kursaal Auditorium.  
Marcel Dzama: Blue Moon of Morocco

Marcel Dzama: Blue Moon of Morocco

David Zwirner Paris presents Blue Moon of Morocco, an exhibition featuring new and recent drawings as wells as collages by Canadian artist Marcel Dzama (b.1974) inspired by his travels in Morocco. The
Minia Biabiany, Toli Toli, 2018, color video, 10 min. Courtesy of the artist © Minia Biabiany

Minia Biabiany: Musa Nuit

Since 2019, La Verrière, the art space of the Fondation d'entreprise Hermès in Brussels, has been presenting "Matter of Concern | Matières à panser", a series focusing on practices revisiting the func
Where art might happen: The early years of CalArts

Where art might happen: The early years of CalArts

In the 1970s, CalArts, the art university founded by Walt Disney in Los Angeles, developed a radical and inter-disciplinary educational model that was linked to the Bauhaus in Germany and Black Mountai