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Portraits in a world of portraits

Portraits in a world of portraits

The restlessness that Alejandro Lescay has expressed in his canvases concerns us all. I have recognized it with frank conviction when I read the verses of the poem and looked at the pictures at the same time.

“Silence” is the proposal that the creator invites us to share, in which each work, each face carries in itself a different message.  Each of them is a soul and all in turn inhabit the artist himself.  For some, “Silence” is that quiet state in which you can hear what moves within you more clearly.  However, for others, it means the inability to express themselves, a condition in which the person feels lost and does not know what to say or cannot say what he or she thinks. It is then that “Silence” summons two poles: one invites peace and balance, introspection and the truth of being; the other suggests placating will, censorship and violence.  The viewer will decide, according to his exegesis, how to read the works of the artist.