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Student Residence

Federico García Lorca returns to Granada

Texts: Yordanis Ricardo Pupo Federico García Lorca arrived for the first time at the Residencia de Estudiantes (Student Residence) in Madrid in 1919, as a law student, and never again moved away from

The art of Cuban cocktails

Texts: Erasmo Gutiérrez
Ondina duet

The Habana- París album: a stop along the way

Texts: Guille Vilar The CD Habana-París, by the Ondina duet (Ojalá, 2017), is a production whose aesthetic scope reaches far beyond an excellent offering of chamber music. With more than twenty years
El Fallen Angel, Igor Mitoraj. Pisa, Italia.

Roma and París by the rumba rhythm

Texts: Dianelis Hernández Sánchez Photos: Yuris Nórido
Rocío Garcia

Kissing the canvas

Texts: Alejandra Aguirre Ordóñez Much has been written about Rocío Garcia’s work. It has been often said that it is marked by eroticism, a subject under which the idea of power underlies (among others
Fiesta de la cubanía

Announcement Fiesta de la Cubanía 2018

The Provincial Directorate of Culture in Granma, the House of Cuban Nationality, and the network of cultural institutions of the city of Bayamo, call for to participate in the XXIV edition of Fiesta de
Broadway Jazz USA: A concert that does not end

Broadway Jazz USA: A concert that does not end

By Leonardo Estrada It's past seven, the scheduled time for the Broadway Jazz USA concert to start at the theater of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts.) Finally, Rustiqu
Cos Causse será siempre ícono de la poesía santiaguera

Tribute to quijote negro

Texts: Teresa Melo 
Memorias del subdesarrollo

Memorias del subdesarrollo: a yesterday classic for tomorrow

Texts: Luciano Castillo The well-known movie La muerte de un burócrata (translation: The bureaucrat’s death, 1966), filled of sarcastic gallous humour, was just been projected on several cinema screen