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Eladio Marrero Florido

Artex, 30 years offering the best of the Cuban Art

By: Diana Rosa Riesco «From the 1st April, we’re organizing a plan of activities that will last until 2019 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of our company: Artex, Artistic and Literary Productions wh
Yaacov Agam

"All is motion": Kinetic & Op art in the Museum Würth

Vasarely stated in 1955 in his famous Yellow Manifesto: "the art of tomorrow will be a collective treasure or it will not be art at all". Perhaps, at that time, the artists attached to the Op Art and K

When music unites people

The thirty-third edition of the Jazz Plaza International Festival, held between January 16 and 21, 2018 and shared by the cities of Havana and Santiago de Cuba as hosts, can be described as exc
Excelencias Award

Being the best ambassadors

By Jose Carlos de Santiago Almost at the same time that we bestowed, in Madrid, the Destino Más Seguro (Safest Destination) Excelencias Award to Cuba as part of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR)

The spiritual enrichment of good music

In these times, the so-called commercial music dominates a large part of the market throughout the world. Promoted by huge marketing campaigns run by famous record companies, they make us believe in th

Pleasures of Venice

By Kaloian Santos The "Queen of the Adriatic," the "Serenissima" or the "City of Canals": that is how the beautiful Venice is also known, recognized as one of the most important tourist centers in the

Caribbean jazz: more than a reality, a might

The Caribbean used to evoke images of joy, music and tropical rhythms. And talking about jazz in our region brings up the debate: there really is a subgenre of this expression that is distinctively and
Havana Festival


This city, for thirty-nine years now, welcomes those who accept the official announcement of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema as an unmissable event on their agenda.


Arte por Excelencias has reached nine years of existence, now as a multicultural publication of the Americas and the Caribbean, born in the heat of the Biennial of Havana in 2009.