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Open-air gallery

Open-air gallery

Artist Felix Madrigal, a winner of important cultural awards, today is one of the plastics artists with the vastest work among his countrymen. A recognized sculptor, he also ventures with obvious succe
Evelio Traba

Evelio Traba´s perpetual heads

With El ritual de las cabezas perpetuas (The ritual of the perpetual heads,) Evelio Traba won the Ibero-American Verbum Novel Award 2016. Published by Verbum, Madrid, Spain, 2016, and Ediciones La Luz,
María Magdalena Campos-Pons

Matanzas: a city that wakes up

The phrase "Matanzas, a destination, not a passing point" was born from a personal observation, which goes back a long way. Matanzas was always considered as the crossing point to get to Varadero or Ha
Alicia Alonso

Beyond the legend

The “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia” (Polytechnic University of Valencia) has just presented a reissue of the book “Alicia Alonso, más allá de la técnica” (Alicia Alonso, beyond technique,) with t
Irene R Fotos Christopher Jones

Irene Rodríguez at Jacob´s Pillow: come and go in time

The always flaming Irene Rodríguez makes it clear - every time she goes on stage - that the best resource to achieve success will always be to revisit the past and thus "dream the future", as the poet
Arturo O'Farrill

From jazz to son ... permanent dialogue between music and life

A continuous conversation of generations began between the 40s and 50s of the last century, when the distinguished jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie recognized that in Cuban music, specifically Afro-Cuban
Filming with Art: The unexpected death of Paul Walker

Filming with Art: The unexpected death of Paul Walker

In the curve of Hercules Street, in the Valencia district, city of Santa Clarita in California, the red Porsche Carrera GT of Paul Walker hit a post and two trees, then caught fire. Everything was capt
María Isabel Díaz Lago

María Isabel Díaz at cruising speed

María Isabel Díaz Lago, in the public imagination, continues to be Ofelia, the character of Una novia para David (A girlfriend for David,) that young university student who, due to the demands of the s
A favorite destination of the Brazilian Carnival: Belo Horizonte

A favorite destination of the Brazilian Carnival: Belo Horizonte

Drums, colors, loves and many other reasons unite crowds through the streets of Brazil every year in search of the carnival party. Generally, the largest popular celebration in the country and one of t
Ludovic Lazareth, creation has no limits

Filming with Art: Ludovic Lazareth, creation has no limits

I learned from Ludovic Lazareth when he saw the Geneva Motor Show (2016), which included motorcycles. He presented the Lazareth LM847 motorcycle with an eccentric, exaggerated, robust and rough design,