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Madinat al-Zahra

Madinat al-Zahra: the shiny city

Following the declaration, a year and a half ago, of Medina Azahara as Unesco World Heritage site, the largest archaeological site in Spain has doubled its visits.  This was something expected: the anc
Manuel Porto

Reaching the stars is no walk in the park

With a history of more than fifty years as a television, radio, theater and film actor, Manuel Porto has earned the respect and affection of the Cuban public for his talent, dedication and perseverance
La odisea de los giles

The itinerary of a film buff

With an effervescent Argentine comedy, “La odisea de los giles” (Sebastián Boresztein), the 41st edition of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema officially began: a wonderful movie-g
"Memoria de Pichón"

"Memoria de Pichón": a theatrical examination of masculinity

Andy Gamboa is a young Costa Rican actor, the creator of a show that, beyond its beautiful production and brilliant performance, is an act of exorcism and an allegation of defense of an alternative mas
Twenty years of "Buena Fé"

Twenty years of "Buena Fé"

The “Buena Fe” duo, with the “Egrem” catalog, may be labeled as an unquestionable event in the Cuban cultural scene of the last twenty years. Since their appearance in the musical scene at the turn of
work "Comediante"

Once upon a time there was a comedian and a joker

Just the same year that the film “The joker” emerges from the ingenuity of film director Todd Phillips, we witness the heresy of Italian contemporary artist Maurizio Cattelan with his work "Comediante"
Brad Pitt

Roll with Art: The breakdown of "Brangelina" and Brad Pitt´s bikes

After 12 years together, one of the most glowing couples in Hollywood: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, known in the show as "Brangelina", have separated giving rise to one of the most exploited gossip in
Quito Blues festival

High altitude blues

When you arrive in Quito, a lush landscape that mixes the Andes with its volcanoes greets you and soon you notice that the high altitude causes a kind of pressure in the air.  After getting used to it,
The Odin Teatret

Fervor of Havana

We are drawing near to another November with Odin Teatret in Havana.  And on the 16th of that month, they will make their last performance of Inside the skeleton of the whale, just the day that marks t
the Kírov Ballet

The days of St. Petersburg in Havana

One of the countries to which we are joined by friendship, cooperation and cultural exchange is Russia, once the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  And in that broad reciprocity, Russian ballet and