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"Memoria de Pichón": a theatrical examination of masculinity

"Memoria de Pichón": a theatrical examination of masculinity

Andy Gamboa is a young Costa Rican actor, the creator of a show that, beyond its beautiful production and brilliant performance, is an act of exorcism and an allegation of defense of an alternative masculinity. This monologue is born from the discomfort of memory, because of a tortuous relationship and violence with the father that the actor needs to process amid mixed feelings, because with the misunderstanding or beating also inflicted against his mother or younger brother who is not there anymore, the artist recalls beautiful gestures of his father between one drunkenness and the next one, the act of bringing him a small gift pet, or of lining the school notebooks, always done by the father with care and affection, which made his notebooks the most beautiful of the school.

Andy creates “Memoria de Pichón” (Pichón's Memory) by reconstructing the atmosphere of a relationship with the other, sharing the songs he liked to hear, putting on his clothes and assuming his gestures, his grinning laugh and powerful energy, sometimes sloppy and sometimes tender. His is a mixture of a biographical drama, theater testimony and self-referential exploration.