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The official caricaturist of Los Van Van

Esteban Isnardi: The official caricaturist of Los Van Van

To the rhythm of his most tropical and graphic creations I met Esteban Isnardi. I could not fancy how the sandbank strokes and harmonious twists of light that adorned his caricatures could have been th
“Beijing Opera”

Narrating China through performing art

“Beijing Opera” is listed as the quintessence of Chinese culture, so it is often part of the cultural exchange abroad. The whole stage art is conjugated in it where there is room for singing, dancing,
 “Escritura Migrante”

Doing away with borders through art

January is a month in which summer and school holidays are celebrated in the countries of South America, but for the “Escritura Migrante” staff it was a time to show artistic works and meet different p
ballet nacional de cuba

A new year, a new era

The “Ballet Nacional de Cuba”, the indisputable pride of the Greater Antilles, has a new General Director since the first day of the year 2020. A new era begins. The official appointment of prima balle
Rara Avis

Art for the restless mind

Several times I have had the urge to write about the exhibitions organized by Galería Habana. Ever since I set a foot for the first time on the gallery, in 2013, I have always been impressed by the hig

A century and a half of Danzón tradition

Danzón reveals the emergence of an endogenous musical expression in the nineteenth-century Cuban sociocultural framework. In it, some of the features that make up the local identities of the Island are

Life is a dream from the Caribbean

In Santo Domingo, the first city in the New World, there is a theater group that for twenty-eight years has defended the ties between tradition and modernity. Its name is Guloya, because his director,
The death of a bureaucrat

“La muerte de un burócrata” (The death of a bureaucrat) is reborn in Venice

Each restored copy of an important film means a rebirth, the beginning of a new itinerary on the screens of the world that, at times, did not enjoy at its premiere. Thanks to the restoration by the arc

“La Esmeralda,” a work of art carved in the mountains

If there is something fascinating for some women, those are jewels, the shine, the design and the beauty of a jewel. They can give rise to a close relationship with the person who presents it, especial
Lucrecia Martel

The voice of women in the world of cinema and not only there

The absolute protagonist of the 76th edition of the International Exhibition of Cinematographic Art of Venice was not a film, but Argentine director Lucrecia Martel, president of the jury, considered b