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Alicia´s other mode of cultural existence

Alicia has not only been a magistral Cuban dancer of universal standard. His presence in the culture is not limited to the wonders of her talent and personality in classical dance that she knew how to
Sándor González

When art supports the right to life

When a painter, chooses the seabed of our island platform as the appropriated place to install his easel, not only singles out an unusual proposal, but also shares with nature itself, the wonder of cre
The painter Pedro Molina and his Minotaurs

Minotaurs, new Art Unity exhibition in Granada

The Art Unity gallery, in La Zubia (Granada), has opened this weekend the new artistic season with Minotaurs, a sample of sculptures and paintings by Andalusian creators Félix Martín and Pedro Molina. 
Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar / Photo: HERNÁN DÍAZ

Artbo 2019. Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar: Imperatives of the artistic instinct

Bogotá- A name is repeated strongly in this 15th. edition of the Bogota International Art Fair, Artbo 2019: Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, whose impressive sculptural work is present in several galleries
Willy LP with his painting tribute to Wifredo Lam

Willy L'Eplattenier fills the Institute of America with cubist works

Until October 3, the Santa Fe Institute of America hosts the exhibition "Paintings and Sculptures", by the cubist painter Willy L'Eplattenier (Chaux-de-Fonds, 1953); The first major retrospective of th
Huichol art, on wheels, in a vocho

Roll with art. Huichol art, on wheels, in a vocho

I must begin by explaining why the Huichols chose the vocho to express their art. The Volkswagen Beetle or Escarabajo in Spanish, is an iconic car in Mexico since the 50s (the first arrive in 1954) and
Latin American presence in Barcelona

Latin American presence in Barcelona

Two exhibitions related to feminism are being held at the Center of Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, ​​on one hand The Feminist Vanguard of the 70s. Works of the Sammlung Verbund Collection, Vienna a
 500th anniversaries

May culture be our inspiration!

Last August 15, when the ruins of “Panama la Vieja” were illuminated and we could see at night the ancient tower, a symbol of the 500 years of existence of Panama City, the need to invest in the promot
Alfonso Ruizpalacios

Cinema has to be many cinemas

Alfonso Ruizpalacios is considered to be, by specialized critics and the public, among the most interesting directors of Mexican contemporary cinema. Unlike others, such as Alfonso Cuarón or Alejandro
More than the aroma of coffee

More than the aroma of coffee

Spanish Captain Alonso de Mercadillo, a native of the Spanish city of Loja, in Granada refounded this city on December 8, 1548, in its second inauguration. The full name of the province is Inmaculada C