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Esteban Isnardi: The official caricaturist of Los Van Van

Esteban Isnardi: The official caricaturist of Los Van Van

To the rhythm of his most tropical and graphic creations I met Esteban Isnardi. I could not fancy how the sandbank strokes and harmonious twists of light that adorned his caricatures could have been the result of the skills of a Uruguayan folk living in cold Europe.

Surprise after surprise, I was riding on the Tren de la alegría (“Train of Joy”): his first personal exhibition in Cuba with which we were received at the Museum of Humor of San Antonio for the 30th National Salon of Personal Caricature “Juan David”. His exhibition displayed rigorous characterizations of the current members of the Los Van Van orchestra, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and that of its founder, maestro Juan Formell.

"The musicians immediately went crazy with the first caricatures that I gave them on stage in Germany," he says. But with these they saw, everyone already moved to the next level; they interacted a lot with me here on Facebook, both publicly and privately."