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When the Flag and Art feel the same way

When the Flag and Art feel the same way

Those who experienced the constant expository function the Pabellón Cuba hadin the sixties –with advanced concepts of structural designand interesting museology, combining art or propaganda and visual
Poster of the Festival #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

From COVID-19, art and other demons

Undoubtedly, the situation the world is experiencing with the appearance of COVID-19 is terrible. Its ravages put the health systems of all countries to the test and economies are already feeling the r
Two people wear a mask outside the Louvre this Monday (EFE)

Culture is also not immune to coronavirus

First was Art Basel Hong Kong. Then the Venice Carnival. Now Art Dubai, the French electronic music festival Tomorrowland, the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, the South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin ...
the satirical weekly “Don Circunstancias”

The returning Havana

Cuba has a long history of periodicals in which caricatures and cartoons provide a glimpse of society`s daily life at different moments of its historical evolution.
Kirk Diuglas. Mercedes-Benz

Roll with Art. Kirk Douglas, the last star of old Hollywood, passed away

When Kirk Douglas played the role of the racing driver Gino Borgesa, in the movie The Racers (1955), he entered the Motor World faster than his character in the Montecarlo Rally. And although it is a r
Enriqueta Favez

Enriqueta Favez vindicated by art

Almost two hundred years ago, colonial Cuba was the scene of one of the most heinous stories committed against a woman. Literature has talked about it more than once and the cinema presented it masterf
The Cuban Aroma of Christie's

The Cuban Aroma of Christie's

The Christ painting was hanging on the wall as if Leonardo Da Vinci had just painted it. Those present at Christie's watched it anxiously. Some wanted to know who would purchase the canvas, which was f
Benny Moré

Benny Moré: a symbol of Cuban music

Benny Moré is a symbol of Cuban music. He represents the guajira (Cuban countryside music genre), the guateque, the “descarga,” the music of African traditions, the bohemian trova, the bars, cafes, cab
Ford Thunderbird, 1955

Roll with Art. Thunderbird, the Ford that captivated Hollywood

The Thunderbird was the response of Ford Motors Company to the Chevrolet Corvette, a subsidiary of General Motors Company (GMC), both launched in the golden age of the American auto industry: the 50s o
La Colmenita

Congratulations to La Colmenita in its 30 years!

It is not risky to say that there is no Cuban who does not know La Colmenita, this group of theater made by and for children who turns 30 years old founded by Carlos Alberto Cremata and which also know