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From COVID-19, art and other demons

From COVID-19, art and other demons

Undoubtedly, the situation the world is experiencing with the appearance of COVID-19 is terrible. Its ravages put the health systems of all countries to the test and economies are already feeling the ravages of such important sectors, such as tourism.

However, and without wishing to appear "candid" or overly optimistic, a phenomenon in the field of art is seen as positive. As a result of the necessary isolation of people, the cancellation of fairs and the forced closure of the cultural institutions in which people usually gather, initiatives appear at every moment that allow the socialization of art and return it to its original function of providing aesthetic pleasure. without the "powerful gentleman Mr. Money"

Thus, musicians come together to create festivals and give concerts from home, and institutions such as UNESCO allow access to their libraries for free; Museums take the opportunity to promote their virtual visits and different visual artists place their collections on sites with free access. In turn, the idols of many join social awareness campaigns in search of stopping the pandemic and take advantage of their influence in the common good.

When the catastrophe passes and from a distance, we will have to ask ourselves if this period has not been, at least in art, a gain, while almost spontaneously it has stripped of its mercantile costume and has come to solidarity those who need comfort the most.

In the meantime, the question will remain in the air: did we have to wait for disaster for such laudable initiatives to flourish? Let us hope that what has been a solution in times of crisis becomes standard practice.

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