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The voice of women in the world of cinema and not only there

The voice of women in the world of cinema and not only there

The absolute protagonist of the 76th edition of the International Exhibition of Cinematographic Art of Venice was not a film, but Argentine director Lucrecia Martel, president of the jury, considered by the director of the exhibition, Alberto Barbera, “the most important director of Latin America and one of the best in the world ». The “Salteña” director left the imprint of what today (and hopefully in the near future) the Venice Festival represents.

Her return to this framework of celebration of cinema, where in 2017 she presented her last feature film, Zama, was celebrated and taken into account by the entire film community, which bestowed her with the Robert Bresson 2019 Award in its twentieth edition. The Ente dello Spettacolo Foundation and the Revista del Cinematògrafo decided to grant it to this director «for her works marked by a deep and irreducible passion for the world and for humanity that inhabits it. Because of her ability to talk about man not only because of what he does, but because of what he is. Because of his openness to transcendence. Because of his aspirations and conflicts, his celestial impulses, in the living background of the tormented Argentine society».