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On the intransigent beauty

On the intransigent beauty

Rocío García is an essential figure in contemporary art. We consider her to be close to the drives of artists like Antonia Eiriz and Francis Bacon, who owes to the aesthetics of pop art and the new figuration, flowing into a certain current within the painting focused on the self-consciousness of the artistic object. We assumed her as part of a certain claim, pressing in Cuba at the end of the last century. And in all those scenarios we reduce her abruptly.

She is beyond any stereotype. She is a relentless woman. In her character, rudeness and sweetness are balanced with a simply charming elegance. And her work is faithful to her. She has a carefree spirit: she does not believe in opulence, does not practice hypocrisy. She constantly takes risks in the name of her truth: lucid and risky. She does not fear beauty, nor does she believe in conventions. Erotic by nature, she is subtle and powerful.

She paints for herself, as a result of an internal dialogue through which she tries to fight her own uncertainties, to resolve herself. The only invariable note of her poetics and personality is lucidity. For Rocío, there are no shortcuts or tricks, because truth does not need makeup. From this attitude a kind of unparalleled authority emerges. Consistent as she is, her painting is fluid and accurate.