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Art Unity: five years delivering art in Granada

Art Unity: five years delivering art in Granada

The Granada art space celebrates its fifth anniversary this July, and does so with a personal exhibition of the cubist painter and sculptor Willy L'Eplattenier, which revolves around the figures of Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat.

Willy LP has just exhibited in the Toro Arte Contemporanea gallery, in Italy, and now works tirelessly for the great exhibition he will have in September, at the Santa Fe Institute of America. So those are almost all recent works, some with a new way of painting: with the canvas upside down, which gives richness and natural depth to the painting (his "Girl with mandolin" is sublime!)

New shades also appear, such as the "Decomposition" rose or new formats, such as the triptych "My Three Meninas". And there are two metal sculptures: "Harlequin" and "The guitarist of Dúrcal".

Artists and creators resident in Granada, as well as unconditional friends from this doubly international space, attended the opening of the exhibition (due to the nationality of the artists who normally exhibit here and by the guests, among whom were Ukrainians, Russians, Belgians, Swiss, Spaniards, Cubans ...)

The Andalusian painter Pedro Molina (who represented the special guest, Andy Warhol) gave them a re-edition of his painting, which Willy had bought at an auction a few years ago and is currently "kidnapped" somewhere in Granada ...

As "Lover of time as a " Menina pija "..., Marijose Muñoz defined him, in a text that the Grenadine wrote thinking about his works, and where the headline of the interview that our magazine Arte por Excelencias published months ago: "the last cubist".

And “it is interesting to see an artist returning to this cubist movement of the early twentieth century. And I understand, because he has had a mathematical background and is very interested in geometric shapes, pyramids ... He is interested in playing with the vocabulary of Cubism and using it with a new vision, new colors and a very contemporary irony, “the critic of art Jean-Christophe Blaser, compatriot of Willy and also resident in the Nasrid capital.

During the evening we talked about art, cubism and modernity, Lorca's poems were recited, folk songs from Cuba and Ukraine were sung and played ... while the painter Purificación Villafranca - who preceded Willy on these walls - told us how preparations are going for the next edition of the Santa Fe Art Fair.

Like this are the meetings: “Our idea has always been to make a synergy of the arts (painting, sculpture, poetry, music). That's why we talk about "unity of art." During the exhibitions we organize events and try to gather all these manifestations”, reminds us Natalya Riesen, director of Art Unity.

And next to the cubist paintings of Willy LP, which you can take home for less than four thousand euros, there are also for sale works by foreign artists that Art Unity represents: ceramics by Ihor Kovalevych, Assem Al Bacha, or fantastic sculptures of the Zigura brothers ...

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