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Havana misses you so, Nicolás!

Havana misses you so, Nicolás!

Nicolás Guillén returns to visit the Alameda de Paula in the old part of the City. When it is thirty years after the “physical departure” of Cuba´s National Poet, artist Enrique Angulo wanted to erect a sculpture.

It is very likely that this Camaguey citizen, wherever he is, considered the greatest exponent of Central American black poetry, will continue to tell us about Afro-Cuban culture - that miscegenation and the African heritage that also defines us.

Guillén's poetry was linked to music and especially to the son, to popular poetry, his relationship with Spain and his political militancy. He attached importance to the rhythm in the conception of a mulatto, black or Afro-Cuban poetry that began to emerge. We also remember him as the first president of the Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba,) the home of Cuban intellectuals, which he became the focus of his life.