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Alt164 at the 5th Design Biennial 2013

Alt164 at the 5th Design Biennial 2013

Alt164, a team made up of Taty Mella and Marcos Correa, and the collaboration of Alejandro Chávez, was commissioned in 2011 with the remodeling of Chile’s Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DIBAM). With this campaign, the group attended the 5th Design Biennial under the motto that reads Global Thinking, Local Creativity, slated for Jan. 3-13, 2013 at the Mapocho Station Cultural Center. This is one of the five projects that were selected in the Visual Identity/Branding category within the contest of the academic exhibit.


With a ten-year career under its belt, especially dealing with means and new technologies –that includes such projects as the CAP Foundation and the National Council for Culture and the Arts, Alt164 has stood out with designs for a number of companies and institutions, as well as cultural spread projects. The work conducted with DIBAM (2011-2012) combines different aspects in the quest for the development of an updated and more effective image of the State-run institution.


The Biennial embraces 80 projects by the most outstanding designers and design companies in Chile, broken down in thirteen categories.


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