Mexican Artists to Participate in Opening Edition of World Art Games


A group of 20 contemporary artists, headed by Jose Luis Cuevas, will be making up Mexico’s delegation to the first edition of World Art Games, to take place in four Croatian cities, June 29 – July 10.

During the conference, carried out at Jose Luis Cuevas Museum, artist Alejandro De Anda, leader of the Mexican Delegation to World Art Games, said that the artists to be representing the country were chosen by direct invitation through a group of specialists led by doctor Matilde Roca Garcia, chairman of the scientific selection committee.

Promoted by Croatian artist Peter Weisz, the first edition of World Art Games will be gathering artists from 53 countries, which are going to present their works and participate in workshops, symposiums, concerts and exhibitions.

Among the Mexican artists to attend the event, who will be paying for their trip, we have: Antonio Marcial Cruz, Mafer Suarez, Norman Bardavid, Cristina Arnedo, Irma Obregon, and Oaxaca artist Idelfonso Lopez Mendoza, who will be sponsored by Converse Company.

Furthermore, De Anda said that one of the Mexican Delegation’s goals is positioning Mexico as the venue for the second edition to be held in 2015.

Source: Press release