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Bill Viola [in Dialogue] with Ancient Masters

Bill Viola [in Dialogue] with Ancient Masters

The San Fernando Royal Fine Arts Academy, the General Departmental Division of Fine Arts Promotion, Sabadell Bank Foundation and NF Gallery propose (January 11 - March 30) an approach to Bill Viola’s work through its relation with the artistic legacy of ancient masters: four Viola’s video-installations in dialogue with pictorial benchmarks from the Museum of the Academy.


The project includes The Quintet of the Silent (2000), Dolorosa (2000), Silent Mountain (2001) and Surrender (2001), accompanied by paintings of José de Ribera, Alonso Cano, Zurbarán, El Greco and Goya, as well as Pedro de Mena’s suggestive Dolorosa. These paintings make up the core of the most important halls at the Museum of the Academy and its collections.


Bill Viola [en diálogo] coincides with the presentation at the Royal Theater of opera Tristan und Isolde with the musical direction of Marc Piollet, stage direction by Peter Sellars and Bill Viola’s video-installation.


Source: San Fernando Royal Fine Arts Academy