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ARTE OPEN VIEWS. Contemporary Art in Private Spaces

ARTE OPEN VIEWS. Contemporary Art in Private Spaces

Arte Open Views- Contemporary Art in Private Spaces (arte contemporaneo en espacios privados), is a cultural project that complements those researches aimed at creating new exhibition spaces in order to turn them into new platforms to shed light on the artists, and curators committed to the artistic sphere, by supporting the spreading process of culture and art in the contemporariness.



The exhibition space – which could be a private house, an artist’s workshop or any other public or private space that isn’t regularly used to exhibit art – becomes the new theater, a site specific per excellence where creators develop and express their own language, matter, tensions. Painting, sculpture, photography and performance get interweaved and bring about new perceptions and emotions to be enjoyed by the public.



Arte Open Views- Contemporary Art in Private Spaces is not interested in getting involved with a unique geographic territory or a specific city district, or establishing an association with an exclusive group of artists; because it’s aimed at showing the creative potential of curators and artists.


For its second edition, Arte Open Views has moved to Madrid and displays eight project curated by eleven curators and it gathers thirty-four artists from different disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography, video, performance…


Arte Open Views is set to be held on May 16 - 18. It kicks off on the 16thwith the presentation of the global project, with the participation of five artists. The works created by these 34 artists are going to be shown on the 17th and 18th. Arte Open Views is going to take place in the most characteristic neighborhoods of the city: Malasaña, Lavapiés, la Latina, Chueca.



These are the chosen projects:


  • Victoria Arribas Roldán, Melancolía, with Carlos Maté.
  • María Collado, Buried Alive, with Rosana Torres Cano, Maider Domínguez Repodas.
  • Elsa Duhaut, Mudas Sistemáticas. Nada se crea ni se destruye, todo se transforma, with Belén Sobrino, Carla Cañellas, Nadia, Devonish and Sila Herrera.
  • Fátima García, Sheltered Beacon, with Beatriz Ujados, Carlota Ríos, Cristina Minguillón, Emilia Valencia Martín and Fátima García¸
  • PACER, with Cristina Vázquez Pedreño, Rubén Andreu Altinay.
  • Nicola Mariani and José Luís Calderón, Espectácula, with Yolanda Domínguez, María Sánchez.
  • L.E.C – La Estación Central, Primera Parada, with Carlo Cuñado, CENZ, Un trozo de cartón, Paduano, Vanico.
  • VECTOR CULTURAL (María Tolmos and Verónica Ortega), Rebobine, with Carla Andrade, Cristina Mejías, François Vanneraud, Ian Waelder, José Antonio Vallejo, Pablo Serret.


Arte Open Views is organized and carried out by Barbara Bacconi, curator and art historian, and Federico Zanetti, web designer, CMO, marketing and advertisement.