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Festival del Fuego in Santiago de Cuba

Festival del Fuego in Santiago de Cuba

The 35th edition of the Festival del Caribe will take place in Santiago de Cuba from July 3 to 9, 2015 called by the Ministry of Culture, Casa del Caribe and the International Committee for the festivals in the Caribbean. The event defends the traditional popular culture and it will be dedicated, in a special manner, the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Santiago de Cuba village, at the eastern region of country, and will also celebrate the 62 anniversary of the Moncada barracks storming.


Santiago de Cuba city will also open its doors to honor the history and culture of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, guest of honor this year.


For the Santiago de Cuba town, cheerful and enthusiastic as ever for its 500th anniversary; for Bahamas, a Caribbean country with spirit of solidarity, and for the visitants, Fiesta del Fuego will be the ideal space for the meeting and exchange on the cultural diversity and the identity of our Caribbean peoples.


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