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SKIRA Editore. Samaras: Album 2

SKIRA Editore. Samaras: Album 2

The astounding 700 digitally-altered photographs that compose Samaras: Album 2 feature seminal Greek artist Lucas Samaras at different stages of his life — from fresh-faced boy to bearded older man — and in various moods, poses, and states of undress.

Samaras's photos are unique in the annals of self-portraiture; approaching the portraits of Francis Bacon in traumatic intensity and self-distorting suffering. Editor Donal Kuspit writes that "the photographs are in effect mementos of a life devoted to making art and — more importantly — to gaining self-knowledge through art, using art as an instrument for self-analysis."


Donald Kuspit, editor

Publication: 2017, SKIRA Editore
Hardcover, 2 Volumes, 768 pages, 700 color photographs
Price: US $250 / £ 185 / € 239 / CAN $335