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I come from an intense and tremendous family tradition. We are five generations: John Onios, his great-grandfather Loubouyán Tarandín, my grandfather Charlie, my mother Geraldine and me. One branch is

Beirut Design Fair. 3 questions for Bénédicte Colpin

Today, Beirut is described as an outstanding "incubator" for a variety of artistic elds. In your opinion, what place does design occupy in this landscape, and what makes Beirut unique among other citie

Paradiso Offers the Most Autochthonous Elements of Cuban Culture

Juan Alberto Llanes Calaña, Business Manager of Paradiso, shared details on this agency’s work, which is focused on promoting Cuba as a cultural destination.   When and why was Paradiso created? We
 Carlos Acosta, a Cuban ballet dancer who is leaving the Royal Ballet to embark on a farewell tour of Britain.   Credit: Clara Molden

Carlos Acosta: 'Nobody who looks like me has ever played the roles I danced'

By Judith Woods   When Barack Obama touched down on the Havana tarmac last week, it marked an historic moment in Cuba’s history. The thawing of relations has been welcomed by a country that the U.

Gary Nader's Vision for the Miami Art World & Latin American Art

Regarded as one of the most successful gallery owners in the United States and Latin America, Lebanese-born and Dominican-raised art collector Gary Nader started his art career as the Director of Nader

Jose Carlos de Santiago, President and CEO of the Excelencias Group

By Silvia Martinez   We give our love and heart to Santiago   Santiago de Cuba is ready to celebrate, on July 25, the 500th anniversary of its foundation by Governor Diego Velasquez, along with the

Paddy MacDonald: All the love for Chaplin in a corn grain

By: Susana Méndez   Paddy MacDonald is the world most important private collector of objects related to Charles Chaplin (1889-1977). In his third visit to Cuba, he brought 493 pieces from his memorab

Isabel Pérez Pérez: We want a free zone for creating

The magnitude of the projects she is involved in since early this year and her passion for them is such that one cannot calculate the extent of an interview with Isabel María Pérez Pérez, the director