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SKIRA Editore | Alphonse Mucha

SKIRA Editore | Alphonse Mucha

Beyond the iconic Art Nouveau posters that brought him international fame in fin-de-siècle Paris, Alphonse Mucha was an extraordinarily versatile artist—at once a painter, sculptor, photographer, and designer in a wide range of media, as well as a mystic, patriot and philosopher.


Published in collaboration with the Mucha Foundation, this catalogue includes Mucha’s celebrated posters of Sarah Bernhardt, while also covering the lesser-known aspects of his output that profoundly influenced his decorative works: drawings, paintings, pastels, jewellery, and photographs that reveal the visionary and often somber depths of Mucha’s imagination.


Edited by Tomoko Sato
248 pages with 256 color illustrations
Retail price: $40 / £ 28 / 35 €