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More artists and galleries at ARCOmadrid 2019
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More artists and galleries at ARCOmadrid 2019

The quality of the new participating galleries at ARCOmadrid 2019 will be another feature of the next edition of the contemporary art fair, which incorporates a total of 45 new galleries.

Twenty of them will be in the General Program (which will have 166 galleries in total), among which Meyer Riegger; Rodeo; Timothy Taylor or Edward Tyler Nahem. To these are added others that confirm their confidence in ARCOmadrid as Alexander and Bonin; Carlier Gebauer; Chantal Crousel; Esther Schipper; Gregor Podnar; Hauser & Wirth; König Galerie; Raffaela Cortese and Thaddaeus Ropac.

In addition, ARCOmadrid continues betting on the presentation of projects by individual artists or in dialogue, and once again accommodates SOLO / DUO proposals. Of the galleries of the General Program, 30 will dedicate their stand to one or two artists, among whom are Miriam Cahn; Marcius Galan; Lia Perjovschi; Glenn Ligon or Jenny Holzer.

Also the curated sections will include individual presentations or in dialogue. "Peru in ARCO", with the participation of 24 artists from 15 galleries selected by Sharon Lerner-contemporary art curator of the Lima Art Museum - will present internationally recognized artists such as Fernando Bryce, Teresa Burga, Sandra Gamarra, Miguel Aguirre, Antonio Páucar, Herbert Rodríguez, Elena Damiani, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, José Vera Matos, Carlos Runcie Tanaka and Rita Ponce de León.

Like other years, the stands of the "Diálogos" program will generate an intergenerational dialogue between artists from different geopolitical contexts; It will have 13 galleries chosen by Agustín Pérez Rubio, curator of the Berlin Biennial, and Catalina Lozano, associate curator of the Jumex Museum.


Battlelands. Meiro Koizumi. Programa Diálogos. Galería Annet Gelink
Battlelands. Meiro Koizumi Dialogues Program Annet Gelink Gallery


The space will host the work of galleries artists such as Luisa Strina (Anna María Maiolino and Magdalena Jitrik); DVIR (Jonathan Monk and Naama Tsabar); Patricia Ready (Cecilia Vicuña and Voluspa Jarpa); PPOW (Carlos Motta and David Wojnarowicz), Ultraviolet Projects (Vivian Suter + Elisabeth Wild) and La Acacia (Marta María Pérez / Liset Castillo), among others.


Work of Magdalena Jitrik. Dialogues Program, Luisa Strina Gallery
Work of Magdalena Jitrik. Dialogues Program, Luisa Strina Gallery


For its part, "Opening" will once again focus on galleries with a history of up to seven years with the aim of providing new information and aesthetic experiences. The program will consist of 21 galleries, chosen by the independent curators Tiago de Abreu Pinto and Ilaria Gianni.

According to its organizers, this edition of "Opening" contemplates "an investigation beyond the usual artistic centers", including galleries such as Bombon Projects (Barcelona), Clima (Milan), Embajada (San Juan), Francisco Fino (Lisbon), Rodríguez (Poznan), Sé (São Paulo) and Sindicato (Santo Domingo).


Gran panorama. Aldo Urbano. Opening Program, Bombon Projects
Gran panorama. Aldo Urbano. Opening Program, Bombon Projects


The section will also have its own meeting space and presentation of projects at the Opening Winery, an ephemeral wine bar, designed by Ansón & Bonet.

In addition, a total of 38 artist projects will be distributed by the fair. A bet of the galleries for presenting works by creators such as Waqas Khan (Sabrina Amrani), Sandra Gamarra (Juana de Azipuru), Jaume Plensa (Lelong), Sol Calero (Bárbara Gross), Jorge Piqueras (Henrique Faria), Engel Leonardo (Formato cómodo), Pepe Espaliú (Garcia Gallery), Heini Aho (Anhava) or David Zink Yi (König Galerie), among others.

Promoting collecting

ARCOmadrid, in its goal of renewing and promoting a new collection, returns to launch different initiatives. On one hand, it activates again the free service of advice in the purchase of works during the Fair, First Collectors by Banco Santander Foundation, and strengthens the Young Collectors program to invite around thirty young international collectors.

In the same way, the virtual platform offers yet another year the opportunity to explore the fair and the works through its Web and in the Artsy App.

All this is added to the classic International Buyers Program and special guests, which will bring to Madrid 300 collectors and 200 professionals from more than 40 countries, as well as the presence of patron collectors and members of important foreign museums.

In addition, several national and international private companies maintain the impulse of acquisitions and the recognition of artistic creation, through the delivery of different prizes such as the Audemars Piguet to the Production of a Work of Art, Illy Sustainart, Beep de Electronic Art, Alhambra Beers of Emerging Art, Catalina D 'Anglade, ART Situacions, Han Nefkens ARCO Foundation.

The ARCO / Comunidad de Madrid Award for Young Artists and the Opening Award will also be presented.

The 38th edition of ARCOmadrid, the International Contemporary Art Fair organized by IFEMA, will be held in the Spanish capital, between February 27 and March 3, with Peru as the guest country.