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Fast Food Leftovers in a Gallery

Fast Food Leftovers in a Gallery

Costa Rica’s Juan Jose Alfaro is exhibiting works that feature the wrappings of hamburger and Mexican tacos in an effort to strike people’s attention on the damaging effects of the so-called junk food industry.


Alfaro has looked into the esthetic qualities of the materials used for wrapping fast-food products and how these elements downgrade to wastes that are not properly recycled. It’s no doubt an artistic proposal that points to a number of environmental risks. The artist himself has underscored his stance in this issue and has publicly told mass media organizations that producers are supposed to make a commitment to doing away with this kind of material waste.


The exhibit, entitled FASTing, will remain open till Nov. 25 at the National Cultural Center (CENAC) in Costa Rica. On this exposition, the artist had this to say: “No particular piece stands out above the others. Each and every one of them is part of a process and a project. The important thing is the project as a whole because if one piece says something, the other next to it chips in the complement.”


Source: EFE