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"The Sensitive Sea". Video art program

"The Sensitive Sea". Video art program

The video art program "The Sensitive Sea" is born out of a visual dialogue of the Lebanese and Western scenes around a common theme, the Sea, a bridge linking two cultures across the Mediterranean. 

The Sea has lured artists since Antiquity: between terror and fascination, it is simultaneously a vehicle for anxieties and hopes. The sea, and water more generally, are in both Western and Oriental art and literature tightly linked to ideas of time passing, memory and metamorphosis.

The selected artists propose a reflection around the multiple stakes carried by the Sea, be they political, economic or cultural. "The Sensitive Sea" highlights the sea as a contemporary artistic motif, as well as the many ways to approach it, weaving in their works, from fiction to testimony, gradations of poetic distance. The Sea can be tied to melancholy or resilience, but is also a witness to migrants' tragic destinies, to political upheavals and the demise of ideologies. 
In perpetual motion, the Sea absorbs Memory, but also constitutes one of the major stakes of the not-so-distant future of mankind.

Curators: Madeleine Filippi and Sophie Lanoë.

Participating artists: 
Ange Leccia
Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen
Sabyl Ghoussoub
Saïd Afifi
Sarah Trouche