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“La Esmeralda,” a work of art carved in the mountains

“La Esmeralda,” a work of art carved in the mountains

If there is something fascinating for some women, those are jewels, the shine, the design and the beauty of a jewel. They can give rise to a close relationship with the person who presents it, especially if it is an emerald, a stone that not only inspires the desire to obtain it, but to show it off: a banal moment not only common in women, but also alluring for men.

 The legend of Fura and Tena tells the story of two lovers united by God Are.  Because of Fura's infidelity, her husband Tena commits suicide, and she, in remorse, ages and cries inconsolably.  Her tears, when falling, become jewels.  And those jewels are the ones found in the municipalities of Muzo, Pauna, Otanche, Buenavista...which used to be the territories of the Muzo Indians, where the conquistadores deployed throughout the eastern mountain range.

 In the hills that bear the name of the legend, 840 meters and 500 meters high respectively, located in the department of Boyacá, Colombia, and separated by the mining river, surrounded by a majestic greenery in its forests, there is a lush beauty of fauna and flora, in which there is a great variety of butterflies, a characteristic of the region.