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Artlatinou. Woven Resilences

Artlatinou. Woven Resilences

We're glad to invite you to join us on June 3 at 07:00 pm, at the opening of our physical gallery with the inauguration of the collective exhibition Woven Resilences, showing the work of Latin-American artists: Yohanna M. Roa, Ariela Kader, Daniela Terroba, Vanessa Freitag, Tábata Bandín, Adriana Mejía; curated by Kinari Chargoy with the museography of Adriana Gómez Vergara, Alma Infante, and Dulce María Ruvalcaba, the event will feature the presence of Tábata Bandín, with the performance Learning to be a body.

Woven Resilences is a collective exhibition, a place of resilience, a space to reflect on how we represent ourselves and what factors influence this identification process (images, religion, education, ethnicity, social class, etc.), to identify the rhetorics with which we think and build the body today; it is an invitation to deconstruct and reinvent ourselves, to become free from all imposition, detaching ourselves from any bias of essentialism. A call to collective action to build a space that allows free dramatic cultural interplay, enhancing the capacities for action and the materiality of the body, far from all social norms.

We'll be waiting for you at Praga 33, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Mexico City, CDMX.