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ESTAMPA 2021: Ponce + Robles gallery

ESTAMPA 2021: Ponce + Robles gallery

Ponce + Robles gallery, in its second year as a guest in the section curated by Alicia Ventura, "Generational Dialogues", presents the work of Patricia Camet, José Castiella, Rafa Forteza and Maíllo.

Following the theme of the section, a dialogue is established between artists of different generations, albeit with a contemporary language, with their own approaches in their artistic practice.

In a double game of generational dialogues, works on paper by Rafa Forteza (Mallorca, 1955) - Maíllo (Madrid, 1985) and a dialogue of the sculptural works of Pati Camet (New York, 1962) and the coffee drawings of José Castiella(Pamplona, 1987).