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Fifteen Artists Chosen to Participate in “Fiction in Reality. (Art, Policy, Architecture)” Workshop by Carlos Garaicoa

Fifteen Artists Chosen to Participate in “Fiction in Reality. (Art, Policy, Architecture)” Workshop by Carlos Garaicoa

Fifteen artists are going to participate in this program organized by Fundación Botín, entitled “Fiction in Reality. (Art, Policy, Architecture)”.


The workshop is going to be given by Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa in Santander, June 30 - July 11, 2014. The students will have the opportunity to create, by taking this city as starting point, through photography, video, text and sculpture, among other formats.


Furthermore, an open-door session is scheduled to take place in the venue on Friday July 11 and Villa Iris is going to host a show with the works created by the artists that attended the workshop, July 12-27. Fundación Botín will pay for the accommodation of the participants, who will be given 455 euros.

The chosen ones among 129 applications from 33 countries are:

 Amir Fattal (Tel Aviv, Israel, 1978); Catarina Beija (Lisbon, Portugal, 1981); Claudia Olendrowicz (Königs Wusterhausen, Germany, 1983); Elena Mazzi (Reggio Emilia, Italy,1984); Fernando Renes (Burgos, 1970); Janine Davinson, (Belfast, Ireland, 1974); José Jurado (Córdoba, Spain, 1984); Lito Kattou (Nicosia, Cyprus, 1990); Loidys Carnero (Havana, Cuba, 1982); Meng Florent (Paris, France, 1982); Miryana Todorova (Sophia, Bulgaria, 1984);  Patricio Gil (La Plata, Argentina, 1977); Sara Munguía (Santander, Spain, 1989); Stephen Mulhall (Dublin, Ireland, 1980) and Valeria Maculan (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1968).


Carlos Garaicoa Manso (Cuba, 1967), who lives and works both in Havana and Madrid, will be giving a workshop based on his interest in urban spaces. With “Fiction in Reality. (Art, Policy, Architecture)”, the workshop is going to take Santander city as an activity theater, so the participants can get closer to the city and deal with it from a plurality of languages. The artist proposes a formula in which both architecture and the city work as a justification to think about reality, existence and art.


Garaicoa applies a multidisciplinary approach to refer to cultural and political matters, by means of the study of architecture, urbanism and history. Havana city has been the main topic he has tackled through installations, videos, photography, sculpture, pop-up books and drawings. Garaicoa studied thermodynamics, and he later got his painting knowledge at Havana’s Higher Institute of Art, between 1989 and 1994.



Workshop: “Fiction in Reality. (Art, Policy, Architecture)”

Venue: Villa Iris, Fundación Botín

City: Santander

Country: Spain

Dates: June 30 – July 11, 2014