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Apocryphal Colony: Images of the Colony in Spain at MUSAC

Apocryphal Colony: Images of the Colony in Spain at MUSAC

Apocryphal Colony. Images of the Colony in Spain is a collective display that invites to examine, analyze and review different images generated by Hispanic (post) colonialism since the 15th century to date, through over 350 works created by 120 national and international, contemporary and historic artists.

The show questions the meaning of images and, specifically, reflects on the way colonial images are constructed, spread and interpreted. Colonialism is, in simple terms, a political, economic and cultural system that has a territory benefiting from another one. At the beginning it is only about a military occupation, but as time goes by the exploitation reaches numerous spheres. Colonialism applies such social sciences as history, scientific disciplines as anthropology, religious dogmas like gospel, or even such artistic styles as Orientalism, in order to legitimate its domination discourse. By taking these concepts as starting point, Apocryphal Colony stands as a space to think about cultural processes and practices of Hispanic colonial imaginary on the symbolic space of territory.

Apocryphal Colony is not a chronological show, but a thematic one, so each of the ten sections will include works and documents from different periods, created by European, Latin American, African and Asian artists.


The display will be opened from June 21, 2014, to January 6, 2015.

Opening hours: Saturday June 21, 17.00 - 21:00 h.

MUSAC. Museum of Contemporary Art, Castilla y León
Avda. Reyes Leoneses, 24. León