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"Score" in Vigo´s MARCO

"Score" in Vigo´s MARCO

SCORE is a display that shows the relation between image and sound. From experimental movies to conceptual works based on narrative cinema, and pieces that pay special attention to the grammar of sound and moving images, this exhibit gathers works produced by 18 artists from different generations, since the 1970s to date.


The exhibition will be showcasing pieces created back in the 1970 decade, when the first experiments on this matter were carried out. Many of these works had never been screened in Europe; such is the case of the installation by North American musician, artist and activist Tony Conrad. The list also includes two Spanish artists: Manuel Saiz and Galician Diego Santomé. Saiz, who presently lives in Berlin, puts on the table a work on dubbing as a paradox. On the other hand, Santomé tackles the cinema world. The other participating authors are Meris Angioletti, Martin Arnold, Eugènia Balcells & Eugeni Bonet, Guy Ben Ner, Manon de Boer, Keren Cytter, Anna Franceschini, Douglas Gordon, Ragnar Kjartansson, Annika Larsson, Christian Marclay, Dóra Maurer, Jacopo Miliani, Lis Rhodes and ZimmerFrei.


The show can be viewed through January 11, 2015.