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"40 artistes, 40 anys from gallery"

"40 artistes, 40 anys from gallery"

Looking back at some of the artists who have exhibited at the gallery during its 40 years of existence, are some of the companies that have exhibited during this period in this landmark Sant Cugat -Barcelona-, and consolidated a line of a gallery formed by establishing a close collaboration between the gallery, the artists and the public.



This exhibition is the reality of the daily work of professional galleries in relation to the creators, that in this exhibition can be seen and they are: Daniel Argimon, Modest Cuixart, Salvador Dalí, Pere Formiguera, Grau Garriga, Jaume Muxart, Perejaume, Picasso , Ràfols Casamada, Amèlia Riera, Tharrats ...



With a critical eye, we can see in the exhibition the evolution of Canals gallery of Catalan art over the past four decades. We can see the different trends that are part of the informality, figuration or abstraction, until today. It is an opportunity for dialogue between artists and trends that make the process of art in the second half of last century.



The line followed by Canals-Galeria d'Art has been the constant defense of the artists who participated in the renowned House Aymat of Sant Cugat, where the Catalan School of Tapestry was born and where attended a group of artists that worked the new tapestry techniques, which led to the renewal of this artistic discipline-wide Spanish state. Canals-Galeria d'Art has been the sideboard of new generations of artists who came to live in the city and created their works in Sant Cugat, making it a land of artists.



"40 artistes, 40 anys from gallery" is an exhibition in time of crisis of the contribution of this gallery district to the city and the country.