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Cuban Music encourages the World Music Expo in Spain

Cuban Music encourages the World Music Expo in Spain

Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco and Mayito Rivera with Los hijos de Cuba, closed the second day of the World Music Expo (WOMEX), world music trade fair that takes place in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, with participants from over 100 countries.


As usual, the Cuban music -which won through Van Van the Award of the previous edition-is one of the main attractions of the meeting which is attended by 2600 business performances and 300 artists.


Businesses and professionals occupy 270 booths of the festival in which 22 lectures and 17 workshops will also be held, part of the call that is held every year in a European country and this time is devoted to Latin American music.

The Cuban stand, The Island of Music, has the presence of the commercial director of the Cuban Institute of Music, Alejandro Gumá, the General Director of BIS Music, Ela Ramos, and general manager of Enterprise Recordings and Musical Editions, Mario Escalona.

The pavilion that has become one of the busiest, presents the most important products of art catalogs, event scheduling, recording and audiovisual productions in the Caribbean nation.


Cuba also promotes musician Eliades Ochoa nominated for Grammy Awards 2014 in the fair, which has scheduled 60 concerts with artists from the most varied latitudes.


The WOMEX which this year takes place in the City of Culture in Santiago de Compostela and next year will be held at Budapest, is considered by UNESCO as the most important international trade show of folk, ethnic, traditional, alternative music and diaspora.


The event was inaugurated by Raul Rodriguez, who presented Razón de Son, first album by the Spanish and anthropologist musician, focusing on interpretations of flamenco with the tres (Cuban guitar), expression of the fusion of Andalusia and Cuba.


Other attractions of the meeting are the Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra, Macedonian gypsy band, Orkesta Mendoza, who plays Mexican roots from cumbia and mambo and Israeli from Ethiopian Ester Rada origin, who mixes jazz, funk, soul and blues sounds black.


WOMEX emerged in Berlin in 1994 with the purpose of bringing together artists from the so-called "World Music", which brings together expressions of ethnic, traditional, folk and fusion music.


Source: Caribbean News