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Three works are given Acquisition Award at Zona Maco

Three works are given Acquisition Award at Zona Maco

Mexico, D.F.  The Cuervo Foundation gave the Tequila 1800 collection Acquisition Award up to 40 thousand dollars, to the emerging artist of the year, within the activities of the Contemporary Art Fair Zona Maco ending today.


The acquisition awards were given to the following works:


Fabulous beasts, by Simón Fijiwara from the projects Monclova Gallery. It is an object made with shaved, cut and sewn skin, and mounted on a frame, which is part of a body of work seeking to oppose natural elements to our social and cultural constructions.


Hang man, by Jill Magid from the Labor Gallery, which is an installation of the silhouette of a hung man made with neon light.


Pinturas by Akira Ikezoe, presented by the Ultravioleta Gallery. The galleries in contest propose artists for this award.


The Purificación García Award, one of the most representative prizes in the category Latin American photography, was awarded to Teresa Margolles for her work Existe la esperanza (2014) exhibiting at the Labor gallery .


Source: La Jornada