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The magazine Arte por Excelencias no. 42 had a special presentation

A walk with jazz through the galleries of Excelencias

The magazine Arte por Excelencias no. 42 had a special presentation -together with its sisters Excelencias Turísticas del Caribe and the Americas, Excelencias del Motor and Excelencias Gourmet- in a unique place in the Cuban capital: the Jazz Café de Galerías Paseo, in El Vedado.

Kabinett: 31 curated exhibitions at Art Basel in Miami Beach

Art Basel´s Kabinett sector allows participating galleries to present curated exhibitions in separately delineated spaces within their booths.
Plaza del Himno

A little piece of homeland

I have a Cuban - American friend who recently visited us. She had not walked the streets of Bayamo before...
Sergio Roque.Las musas de la música. Tríptico .A-L

Cuba´s Athens celebrates its 325th anniversary

The city of San Carlos y San Severino de Matanzas was founded on October 12, 1693. Its geographical location and economic development contributed to the excellent intellectual and artistic development
José Carlos de Santiago junto a Zaida del Río

Letter to Zaida del Río

José Carlos de Santiago, president of the Excelencias Group and personal friend of Zaida del Río, attended the inauguration of the exhibition "Everything began in the surprise" of the dedicated artist.

A trip to Cuban culture

A trip to Cuban culture is the proposal made each year by Paradiso, cultural tourism agency of the Cuban holding company Artex S.A., and official reception of the most important cultural events that ta
Video still from “Los Inocentes” by Diego Lama

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair Announces the Selected Artists

For PLAY at PULSE Miami Beach 2018
Thomas Bayrle

5th Laughing Cow Collector´s Edition Box by Karin Sander

Following the creations of Hans - Peter Feldmann in 2014, Thomas Bayrle in 2015, Jonathan Monk in 2016 and Wim Delvoye in 2017, German conceptual artist Karin Sander has been chosen to produce the 5th
Peter Halley. New York, New York

Peter Halley. New York, New York

The exhibition includes six large shaped - canvas paintings as well as a sequence of digitally - generated mural works hidden within a seemingly impenetrable block - like central structure.
Festival of Ibero - American Culture: Twenty- five in twenty - four

Festival of Ibero - American Culture: Twenty- five in twenty - four

The award of the House Distinction to Eusebio Leal is an excellent preamble to the Festival of Ibero - American Culture, which is dedicated "to highlighting the common historical - cultural roots that
Claude Monet  Waterloo Bridge, 1902

Fascination Japan: Monet. Van Gogh. Klimt

In Fascination Japan, around one- hundred works from international public and private collections will present a wide- ranging overview of the "Japonisme" that spread throughout Europe beginning in the
Alberto Giacometti Women of Venice (Femmes de Venise), 1956

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Alberto Giacometti. A Retrospective

This exhaustive exhibition of more than 200 sculptures, paintings, and drawings covers more than 40 years of artistic output by Alberto Giacometti, one of the most influential artists of the 20th centu
Zaida del Río

The new male figures of Zaida del Río

Named Everything began in surprise, it is exactly a revelation that can be seen from October 5 to November 25 in the gallery Origins of the Grand Theater of Havana "Alicia Alonso". To learn about the f
Luis Buñuel

The Havana of Luis Buñuel

Luis Buñuel was never in Havana. But without the existence of this city perhaps a razor would never have mutilated an eye; some beggars would not have been gathered around a table for a grotesque repro
Celebrating the Cuban

Celebrating the Cuban

As the call says, the celebrations for the Day of Cuban Culture, 20 of October, constitute the most important event of the culture in Granma and one of the most important in the country.