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Editorial 8...

Editorial 8...

With the launch of its eighth issue and the presence of previous issues at such fairs as ARCO Madrid, Art Madrid, Mexico’s Zona Maco, ArtBó Bogota, Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach, Art by Excelencias magazine wraps up a two-year cycle.


This last issue of the year stresses on documentation and analysis of artistic processes in different countries of the region, the promotion of expositions, catalogs and books, as well as the traditional presence of creators from the Americas and the Caribbean in Europe and vice versa.


Special heed has been paid this time around to the trustful and uninhibited approach whereby author and art critic Orlando Hernandez weighs in –from his profound knowledge of the African-Cuban heritage– the possible interpretations of Carlos Quintana painting. The literary aura of his text contributes to reinforce our publication’s assorted analytical perspective. Other highlights are critic Hector Anton’s controversial commentary on Spain’s Santiago Sierra, an article that has been reserved for this issue and that now underscores its validity in the wake of the artist’s surprising refusal to accept a prize awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture.


The chronicle penned by researcher Hortensia Montero on the meeting of American museums held this year in California, U.S.A.; the assessment of the Panama Art Biennial by expert Chrislie Perez; the graphic work of Mexico’s Helio Flores, and the dialogue and meditations on the work of conceptual artists Ivan Navarro (Chile) and Luis Gomez (Cuba) round out an interesting sample on the international pathways of today’s art.


José Carlos de Santiago

Editor y Director General