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The essences of an identity that distinguishes us

The essences of an identity that distinguishes us

The recent presence in our country of his Royal Highnesses Prince Charles of Wales and Camila Parker, Duchess of Cornwall, revealed to such distinguished guests, those essences of our identity that give us a breath of fascination for those who visit us. Among the diverse and multiple activities of the royal couple in Cuba, perhaps the one that took place in front of the capital's park of 17 and 6, in El Vedado, is the one that could best exemplify our arguments.

The members of the British royalty could be direct witnesses of the sincere admiration towards their people by the public gathered there spontaneously, as natural was the meeting of the owners of the different models of cars and motorbikes of British origin that roll through our streets and Avenues for decades. None of this was part of a fake show to flatter the honorable visitors. The owners of each car and each motorcycle exhibited there, were deeply proud of being able to show such representatives of British culture the love and care with which they preserve such vehicles.

As it could not be invented for the occasion, the existence of the Yellow Submarine Cultural Center, relevant meeting point for those in each of our nights like to enjoy Anglo-Saxon rock classics with versions by Cuban musicians for eight years. And much less could be considered a pretense of the statue of John Lennon, work of the artist Villa Soberón that gives name to the aforementioned park in which it is located.


Visita real


Unveiled on December 8, 2000 by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro with the troubadour Silvio Rodríguez, it is one of the most visited monuments of our country not only by tourists but also by our own fellow citizens to honor the memory of the founder of The Beatles, from the author of Imagine, composition in which he leaves as a legacy the need to be dreamers for a better world, with the certainty that we will not be the only ones. Precisely, the decision of the real couple to sit on the bench with the unforgettable musician, not only represented the gesture that ended his activities in this area of ​​the capital, but at the same time endorses the burden of authenticity of human feelings of which the Cubans are carriers.

If it is true that we were exceptional witnesses of a tradition of centuries that honors the British in the people of Prince Charles and the Duchess Camila, they in turn proved our direct and frank approach to the culture of their country from the angles most diverse, actions that on this occasion were coherently framed with the United Kingdom, but that we can also find among the bosom of our people in relation to different cultures of the world.


On the cover: Prince Carlos and his wife Camila next to Guille Vilar and Carlos Alfonso in Lennon Park / Photo: Excelencias del Motor