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Filming with Art: Ludovic Lazareth, creation has no limits

Filming with Art: Ludovic Lazareth, creation has no limits

I learned from Ludovic Lazareth when he saw the Geneva Motor Show (2016), which included motorcycles. He presented the Lazareth LM847 motorcycle with an eccentric, exaggerated, robust and rough design, however: simply impressive. That's how I learned about the Lazareth brand, the name of the French custom house that makes them.

The Lazareth LM847 motorcycle is unlike any other motorcycle I've ever seen, it's built around a 4.7-liter V-8 engine, which brings the Maserati Gran Turismo luxury car from the factory. Its power is 470 horsepower (CV) at 7,500 revolutions per minute (rpm). Imagine a motorcycle with 470 hp and only 450 kg of weight.

 This contraption is a motor with wheels and seat! Ludovic Lazareth said at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 that when he finished designing the Lazareth LM847, "he was fascinated by his appearance". But do not get excited, so much power does not mean speed here, it only reaches 150 km / h, because it does not have a gearbox and it only runs in “direct”.

The entire frame is mounted on 'four wheels' ...? Yes, because the wheels are twin with 17-inch tires, brake discs (the front with eight-piston calipers) and ABS system. It comes with independent suspensions that allow inclinations of up to 30 degrees. It is said to be fully functional and its circulation throughout Europe is legalized.

The author of this monster is, as I said before, Ludovic Lazareth, a designer and mechanical engineer who is considered as a 'visionary of the automotive industry'. He graduated from the Espera Sbarro School (1992) and a disciple of the famous Italo-Swiss automobile designer Franco Sbarro. But Ludovic Lazareth did not start as a designer.

His first steps in the automotive world were as a preparer of sports cars and motorcycles and, later, he dedicated himself to customize vehicles according to the tastes of his owners, to finish, building prototypes that, with the manufacturer's certificate obtained in 2005, began to produce under the Lazareth brand.

This motorcycle Lazareth LM847, worthy of movies like Tron or Batman, or to shoot in The Dark Knight Rises, has been talked about a lot. And I clarify: it is not a prototype. Ten units were manufactured and sold at the rate of 200,000 euros each.

To end this article, I get the news that, in the next month of October, the flying motorbike will go on sale! Lazareth LMV 496. But that's another story ... What will I do when I fly?