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Filming with Art Steven Spielberg´s yacht

Filming with Art Steven Spielberg´s yacht

This director of unforgettable films such as ET, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Schindler's List and many others, Steven Spielberg, owns the largest and most luxurious yacht that navigates the Seven Seas, the name with which he named his boat. And if famous is for his films, so is his mega-yacht.

Steven Spielberg is a fan of navigation and adventure, which is why he built the best yacht (today) and gave it the right name to carry out his dreams for the Seven Seas. And in order to prove it, he decided to go 'around the world' on board the Seven Seas in 2013. More than 30,000 nautical miles.

 A journey through the 'seven seas' in which he visited places as far away as China, Sri Lanka and Hawaii, among others. On his yacht, Spielberg has taken to walk famous friends such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively. But how is Steven Spielberg's yacht, valued at 184 million dollars?

Manufactured by the Dutch yacht constructor Oceanco and with interior and exterior designs of the renowned Italian studio Nuvaloi & Lenard, it has a length of 86 meters (282.15 feet) and a capacity to accommodate 14 guests, as well as a crew of 26 people, between Marines and service personnel.

It has multiple and incredible onboard amenities, including a helipad, a gym, spa and massage room, as well as an infinity pool with a 4.5 meter glass wall, which at the same time serves as a cinema screen. It has seven cabins, which includes the huge presidential cabin, another VIP cabin on the terrace and four more suites.

However, believe it or not, Spielberg has lost his love for the Seven Seas and plans to sell it to buy a bigger one! At first it was renting at a rate of 1.3 million per week, the most expensive charter for a yacht in the world (among its 'lucky' customers is Leonardo DiCaprio) and then decided to sell it for its estimated value: 184 million.

And what would Spielberg's new yacht be like? According to the Daily Mail, the next luxury mega-yacht of the famous film director and producer, will be about 300 feet long and will cost approximately 250 million dollars. Nothing, Steven Spielberg is very happy making his films and sailing the seven seas, in a constant adventure.