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Fortunate concomitances

Fortunate concomitances

Spontaneity and improvisation are values embraced by both jazz and the expressionist aspects of visual arts. The Jazz men "are irreducible musicians to all mediation, be that of any musical aesthetic, be that of an interpretation."  Dominguez's painting is freed from certain academic norms and naturalistic representation. His figuration is the pure expression of the emotional: a phantasmagoria that enchants us with its graphic sign and the materiality of the stroke.  The color, the black or red brushstroke, depending on the drama.

The painting that now sounds in the Jazz Plaza is inspired by an icon of the expressionist movement: the works that under the title of “The Scream” were done by Edvard Munch (Norway, 1873-1944).  Four paintings and a lithograph, which in turn do versions of three variants of La desesperación.  They are, as in the world of jazz, improvisations on the same subject. In the best known, an androgynous figure symbolizes the modern man, in a moment of deep anguish and existential despair.


Jazz plaza 2010