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Habana Compas Dance: X anniversary

Habana Compas Dance: X anniversary

Their goal is to approach from the contemporaneity the flamenco, the spanish dance, the cuban latin and international folkloric rhythms, in order to recreate them with new technical budgets of image and format.

Director: Lilieth Rivera Puentes

The company is formed by 12 women dancers and 4 musicians, the musical direction and percussion are managed by the teacher Eduardo Cordova and the director of the company.

The artistic line of the company is expressed in a choreographic synthesis, where the essence of the Spanish dances with the Afro-Cuban rhythms and contemporary dance merge through new aesthetic codes, in which the dancers not only dance, but work the percussion with any element they have: sticks, castanets, heels, sandals, keys, chequerés and percussive chairs.

The members of this Art Project began their artistic lives in Lizt Alfonso Ballet Company where they made presentations on the most important stages of the Havana and the country. From March 2004 they decided to join in the project Havana Compass Dance to express with a new artistic way the  acquired knowlegments.