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Servando Gallery returns to ARTBO

Servando Gallery returns to ARTBO

The International Art Fair of Bogotá has established itself as one of the fundamental centers in cultural exchange and in the consolidation of the Latin American market. Galleries, curators, artists and the public come together for four days in one of the most important cultural showcases in the plastic arts of the region.

The fair will celebrate its 15th edition with a program of activities that stands out as one of the most refreshing and risky in its commercial models. Servando Gallery again proposes participation thanks to the results that have been achieved on other occasions, where Cuban art was represented by several of our payroll artists and their latest works were exhibited.

This time the project proposes a dialogue between three artists: Adrián Fernández, Ángel Ricardo Ríos and Leandro Feal, whose link is established through the exploration they make of the space that surrounds them, whether from the real, imaginary or possible physical, and intimate.

Adrián Fernández is one of the essential artists of his generation in Cuba. He will show a photographic series exhibited at the recently completed XIII Biennial of Havana. The images are conceived as landscapes where metal sculptures are inserted that refer to an imaginary space, possible, but at the same time deceptive created by the artist.

Leandro Feal, meanwhile, is one of the most important young creators in the field of photography. For this edition, he proposes a video composed of approximately nineteen thousand photographs taken throughout 2017 in the Roma bar, located on the roof of the old Hotel Roma, current apartment building in Havana. The images document that part of the nightlife that used the bar space as a concurrence core.

Finally, a set of recent works by Ángel R. Ricardo Ríos is shown, who leads us to a space dominated by nature, placing us before an extraordinary visual experience determined by the apotheosis of color, excess and liberation of the gesture. It is an eminently gestural painting, in which there are no rules or stereotypes, a kind of unbridled surface in which the forms seem to expand by breaking the boundaries of the painting. Between the figurative and the abstract, floral motifs are recognized that become pretexts to refer to another of its essential themes: the sensual and erotic.

On the cover: Adrián Fernández, Untitled