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14th Havana Biennial bets on ‘Future and Contemporaneity’
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14th Havana Biennial bets on ‘Future and Contemporaneity’

The 14th Havana Biennial will be officially opened on November 12th and will last six months on digital platforms, in times of Covid-19.

With the slogan ‘Futuro y Contemporaneidad’ (Future and Contemporaneity), besides the usual exhibitions and art presentations across Havana and other provincial capital cities, the event will include panel debates on the most diverse visual art manifestations toward a brighter, more inclusive future.

The second stage of the event begins on December 6th and runs through March 24th, followed by a third and final stage from March 25th through April 30th.

Organized by the Wifredo Lam Center for Contemporary Art, the Havana Biennial was first held in 1984. It takes place in Havana every two years, aimed at promoting the developing world in contemporary art circles, giving priority to Latin American and Caribbean artists, although artists from Africa and Asia also submit works, thus becoming the most important meeting place for artists from "non-Western" countries.

The central themes cover a wide range of issues, from tradition to contemporary times, challenges, art, society and reflection, man and memory, life with art and urban life.

Works emphasize mainly paintings and other two-dimensional displays, using a variety of techniques.