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PINTA MIAMI – Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art Show, in its 14th edition continues to present projects with international curators showcasing Latin American art with a global perspective in an unique platform.  

As one of the main references of Latin American Art for collectors, professionals, museums, and institutions PINTA MIAMI establishes itself with an Ibero American focus, counting with the presence of Spain and Portugal. 

The 2020 edition of PINTA MIAMI LIVE launches on December 2nd through December 15, 2020 with around 100 galleries from Latin America, the United States and Europe, presenting artworks from over 300 artists. The digital platform allows access to free curatorial content that aims to continue stimulating interest in artistic production and expand its reach to new audiences. 

PINTA POP-UP events, taking place during Miami Art Week, highlight local Latin American artists, collections and exhibitions. 


PINTA MIAMI is a must stop for collectors, curators and artists from all over the world that are to visit the fair during Miami Art Week and on our virtual platform

The PINTA MIAMI VIP Program is an agenda of events designed to enrich your visit to the fair, which includes exclusive events, guided visits to the fair, to museums and institutions, amongst other activities. 

Pinta Modern

Pinta Modern presents artworks from the beginning of the 20th century to 1960.  This section has been a focus during the 10 year trajectory of the fair, in which international galleries present high-level proposals, highlighting Latin American art that encompasses this period from Latin America, USA and Europe.

Pinta Contemporary

Pinta Contemporary presents artworks created after 1960. This section has been a focus during the 10 year trajectory of the fair, in which international galleries present their artistic proposals framed in the contemporary art section, presenting artworks in the contexts of Latin America, USA and Europe.

Pinta Photo

Pinta Photo, will be made up of ten art galleries specialized in photography with a specific selection, including vintage photographs and contemporary productions.

Pinta Solo Projects

Curated by Roc Laseca

Pinta Miami LIVE 2020, a virtual fair presents PINTA SOLO, curated by Roc Laseca, featuring solo shows by Latin American and European artists.

The project examines the concept of Tactile Gaze, a study on the role of the digital subject, which in this time has become predominant, and its perceptual limitations in a non-space. The registered object, more than ever, becomes an extension of the spectator's own eye, becoming no different from it.

The projects presented disparate problems, but connected by a common thread: they seek to challenge the observer to go beyond their own sensory frontier.

Pinta Graphics

Pinta Graphics is a new section in Pinta 2020 dedicated to the promotion, diffusion and commercialization of graphic art works. With a selection of pieces by established artists.


Pinta Miami presents Live Talk, a series of conversations with artists, curators, collectors, gallery owners and directors of international museums, who will reflect on different aspects of contemporary art in Latin America.


Pinta Miami presents Open File, a series of interviews in which artists are invited to revisit the history of their images based on an anecdote or memory linked to their personal archive.

LiveTalks and OpenFile will cover current topics on collecting, artistic practices and design through interviews and live zoom talks.

Guided Tours

We invite you to visit the fair through virtual tours where you can explore a selection of works under the gaze of specialists from the Latin American Contemporary art scene.