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illycaffè awards young artists from LatinAmerica in ARCOmadrid2018

illycaffè awards young artists from LatinAmerica in ARCOmadrid2018

The aim of the Prize is to deep the dimension of illycaffè’s sustainable business growth and its approach to the world of contemporary art, offering awareness opportunities to the international art community coming from emerging countries like, Brasil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Perú, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua, among others. The award reckons the artist with a prize worth 15.000 euros, without the purchase of the art work.

The relationship between illy and the contemporary art in Spain started in ARCO in 2005, 13 years ago and the illy award was established in ARCOmadrid in 2008, recognising in its first edition the work of young Brasilian artist Matheus Rocha Pitta. In its second edition, in 2009, the award was given to Avinash Veeraraghavan, one of the emerging young talents from India. The 2010 edition, the mexican artist Camilo Ontiveros was the winner of the Prize and, in 2011, a Brasilian artists, André Komatsu, was procclaimed the winner. In 2012, the award was given to the Chilean artist Voluspa Jarpa; in 2013 the couple Julia Rometti & Victor Costales received the Prize for their work “Anarquismo Mágico”, in 2014 the Argentinian artist Diego Bruno with his work “Location” was the winner and in 2015 was the Perunian artist Sergio Zevallos with his project Callejón Oscuro the chosen artist for the Prize. In 2016 edition, the award-winner was artist Felipe Cohen with his artwork “Tiempo Perdido” exhibited in the Oporto art gallery “Kubik” in Solo Projects Selection and in the last edition in 2017, the prize was for Colombian artists Ivan Argeto for his work “Is this tomorrow”, from Barcelona ADN Gallery.

illy and contemporary art - 25 años de la illy art collection

The commitment of illy with the contemporary art world has gone beyond boundaries and now they are partners with the main cultural centres and museum in Spain, like Museo Reina Sofia, Fundación Thyssen-Bornemizsa, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Guggenheim Bilbao, MACBA, Barcelona Centre Design, FAD and they support cultural events nationwide like ARCOmadrid, ARCOLisboa, PhotoEspaña, Festival Eñe, feria de videoarte LOOP, Talking Galleries, Publica 18, amongst others.

In the last 25 years, illycaffè has focused on contemporary art and creativity to communicate the brand values. The company has contributed to develop a wide range of cultural events and exhibitions, like collaborations with main international artists. Since the first designed cup in 1992, the well known illy art collection counts with the estampa of more than 111 great artists, from Sandro Chia to Daniel Buren, James Rosenquist, Nam June Paik, Robert Rauschenberg, David Byrne, Jannis Kounellis and Louise Bourgeois, amongst others. Josep Subirachs with Laietana in 1998 and Pedro Almodovar in 2009 have been the two Spanish artists to create an illy art collection.