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Online festival in Cuba to remember Dance Contest

Online festival in Cuba to remember Dance Contest

As remembering is living again, the Vladimir Malakhov Dance Contest and Grand Prix of Cuba returns today with Memories of a Festival, an online program that aims at recalling past editions.

The event, which takes place every two years in Cuban city of Holguín, takes place until September 25 from digital platforms due to limitations caused by Covid-19.

From the official Facebook site of Codanza group, there are posted videos sent by dancer and founder of the event, Vladimir Malakhov and international ballet entrepreneur and co-president, Paul Seaquist.

The Provincial Council of Performing Arts in that city also shows recordings and shares archive materials related to Malakhov's artistic career, his master classes and visits to various entities of Artistic Education in Cuba.

Organizers will allow users to see choreographies of past editions of the contest, fragments of works by Codanza company and workshops given by other internationally recognized dance personnalities.

According to Maricel Godoy, also co-president of the festival, the intention of the meeting is 'to encourage the work of young dancers from Cuba and the world; as well as to bring dance as a means of communication and expression to concerned audiences', especially in these difficult times of a pandemic.