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Sushi with a Cuban Twist

Sushi with a Cuban Twist

  The Excelencias Gourmet International Gastronomy Seminar once again gathered international stars from the haute cuisine realm. Caribbean News Digital had the great opportunity to interview Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada, who said to be happy for having been invited to participate in the event and looks forward to attending next year’s edition.

Chef Hiroyuki was invited to prepare sushi recipes by using Cuban ingredients. “For sushi we use raw fish and fresh fish. We could not find any fresh fish in Cuba. Cuba is surrounded by an ocean, same as Japan. The key point is how you can handle those fish, after you catch the fish, and bring it to the kitchen. You need to keep it fresh. If Cuba can do that, it’ll have a bright future,” he said.

Mr. Terada made a Calle 8 roll, which includes black beans and avocado. This is a popular dish at his Miami-based NoVe Restaurant.

“Some people are afraid about raw fish, especially beginners. I think that I can take lobster or shrimps, even beef, pork or chicken meat, roll it up as sushi and that’s good for sushi beginners,” Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada explained.

As for Cuban food, Chef Hiroyuki likes eating malanga, black beans and rice.